Friday, July 30, 2010

1216 and 1221 Kerlerec Are Showcased at the Renovators' Happy Hour Tour

The Preservation Resource Center (PRC) ( of New Orleans selected 2 of re:FORM's projects as the July showcase properties for their Renovators' Happy Hour tour and discussion. The visitors toured both properties and then gathered here at 1216 Kerlerec Street for a discussion about the renovations and upcoming local preservation events. Speakers included homeowner Erin Christman (architect), Patty Gay and Suzanne Blaum from the PRC, Nadja Bynum from the Faubourg Treme Neighborhood Association, and Ina Fandrich who is helping to launch a Treme cultural tour co-organized by the New Orleans African American Museum and the PRC.

The PRC usually selects one project per month during the summer to highlight for their Renovators' Happy Hour. Contractors, architects, homeowners and neighbors are given the opportunity to ask questions and share renovation ideas, while enjoying some wine and cheese. They selected both of these properties for July because of their close proximity to each other and for the air conditioning!

Guest Bath at 1216 Kerlerec

Photo of 1216 Kerlerec Street after Hurricane Katrina. The house was originally a 1-1/2 story 1830's Creole Cottage. In the 1890's, the home was "Victorianized" and a second floor was added. Katrina blew the second floor down and the roof was sitting on the neighbor's house.

The renovation returned the house back to the original 1-1/2 story Creole Cottage style, but with all of the modern amenities like 7 huge closets, a generous private Master Suite, a spacious Kitchen, a large Laundry Room and a walk-in Pantry packed into 2,500 square feet. This project received the Merit Award for Renovation from the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission.

Renovators' Happy Hour Tour Continues at 1221 Kerlerec Street

The second portion of the PRC's Renovator's Happy Hour Tour took place across the street at 1221 Kerlerec. This house was on the City of New Orleans Blighted Properties list and was begging to be overhauled into an updated family home. re:FORM took on the design challenge. And oh, what a challenge it is...!

This is a photo of the stair hall before any construction began. It is just an minor example of what the rest of the house looked like. The house was packed to the gills with furniture and had been boarded up since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The side yard of the house was waist-deep in debris and rotting building materials. The house was so water damaged and termite-ridden that even the interior furniture was eaten.

Here is a photo taken during the Renovators' Happy Hour on July 22nd. The entire house has been stabilized, leveled, and framed out. The next step is the installation of electrical and plumbing. Floor plans were displayed throughout the building showing re:FORM's new design for the 3,200 sq. ft. (4 bedroom/4.5 bath) house.

These are photos taken in the 1970's that show what the front of the house will look like after the house is completely renovated. Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

re:FORM Opens a Second Office!

re:FORM has opened another office in New Orleans! Erin and Stacie have maintained a strong architectural and cultural connection with the city ever since they received their Masters at Tulane University. So, they decided that since they enjoyed spending time there and were involved with so many local projects anyway, that they would open a second office.

This is the conference area with an antique drafting desk for when we work on artistic renderings or take it "old-school" and hand-draft a project.

Here is the common area for guests and lunch breaks. The offices are down the hall to the left.

We are located in the beautiful historic Marigny neigborhood at 2726 Royal Street. Stop by and see us or call us at 504.296.4720!